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Vocalist Rene Taylor

is a true Arizona treasure. She has captivated audiences locally as well as nationally and internationally. She has performed in a variety of venues ranging from concert settings, headlining at galas, enamoring audiences on cruise ships to charming private party-goers. In her twenty plus years of performing she has been referred to as a “truly gifted artist with a soulful rich and smoky voice which captures the heart.”


Rene’s voice has a magical combination of rhythmic poise and immaculate phrasing. Rene’s love for jazz started at an early age while listening to Julie London, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney and Ella Fitzgerald. Rene has a wide range of jazz standards song selections which will transport you back in time and provide you with a memorable experience that will leave you with a desire to hear more. 

Photo by: Rachel Castillo 

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